The “Market on the Meadows” was inspired by the principals of Kendon Massey Enterprises, LLC.  A husband and wife team of Kenneth and Donna Massey.  Local business entrepreneurs with about 22 years experience in the show industry having operated successful and profitable booths in countless indoor and outdoor shows in a number of states from the east coast to central U.S.  They understand what it takes to be profitable as a vendor and what it takes to attract the right shoppers to an event. Together, their knowledge and experience will enable them to promote a successful show and create an atmosphere where both vendors and shoppers will find pleasure in time spent at The Meadows.  

Market on the Meadows is a part of Kendon Massey Enterprises, LLC and is a founding member of the Vintage Market Nation Group.  The purpose and mission of Market on the Meadows is to provide a premier outlet for vendors of finely handcrafted, vintage, repurposed, antique, and similar products to sell their goods and for consumers to find novel, treasured, and rare finds. 


Donna has over 20 years experience in governmental accounting and has spent the past 15 years owning and operating a custom picture framing shop and art gallery in Shawnee, OK. 

Kenneth has more than 28 years experience practicing law and counseling many clients in how to start-up and form small businesses.  In addition, he has an MBA and has spent a number of years consulting for both small and national clients.  He has also managed and directed the marketing and fundraising departments of a national nonprofit with an annual budget of over $150 million.